Detailed Palmistry Session

One Palm Reading $25- Full Life $75

A Palm Reading offers basic information mainly about yourself . It focuses on the lines in your palms that represents: 1. Life 2. Head 3. Heart 4. Health 5. Faith 6. Fame 7. Marriage 8. Money 9. Inner Self 10. Spirit 11. Travel 12. Luck. 


Spiritual Love Reading


A Spiritual Love Reading is Courts Crystal & energy reading that provides information about you and your significant lover with out them being present. This reading will entail past, present, future, business, success, friends, family & past life. Will provide accurate details and detailed information in regards to soulmate connections.


Psychic Life Reading


These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, and get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more. Get in touch with me to schedule your Psychic Reading appointment.


Tarot Card Reading

$35 Half Deck/ $70 Full Deck

A Tarot Card Reading offers insight based on. Past, present, future, business, family, friends & relationship. Truly detailed and all questions are answered.


Egyptian Sand Reading


An Egyptian Sand Reading is most detailed into your life. It provides spiritual counseling answers all questions based on past,present and future. It also tunes in on past lives, spiritual self, love and relationship, career finances, health, happiness, chakra, aura colors, & positive and negative energies. Your Egyptian  sand from the reading will be provided  to you  after the session.


Phone or FaceTime Session 


This specific phone session includes three different types of techniques. This session last from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes allowing me to connect with your energy on all levels mental physical and spiritual this session includes a tarot card Reading, psychic reading, and spiritual love reading. Using these three techniques it allows this to be the most in-depth and informative session you will ever experience. It allows you to be in the comfort of your own home and to be able to connect with me from all regions of the world. This session includes in-depth information based on past, present, future, business, love and relationships.

It allows me to tune in to someone significant in your love life without them being present allowing me to provide you with detailed information about this relationship such as; "is he or she the one for you..." It also provides detailed information based on past life, a diagnosis and evaluation about your spiritual health, chakra wheel, energy centers, aura colors, positive and negative energies. You will feel clear and lighter after this session.


Aura Channeling


We all have our own aura and energy, which explains so much about you and your life, your aura can determine whether you are happy and content or if you are stressed and overwhelmed. You have control over your aura and the energy that you chant out. Your aura contains layers that act as a filter collecting all types of different energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, both good and bad. Just as you would care for yourself physically, you're spiritual ground is just as important. I believe that the path to peace of mind sometimes encounters Roadblocks, We can help you meet these Roadblocks head on, and help you overcome them, and Advise you on What to do to Avoid oncoming ones in the future.


House/Business Blessing

A combination of Reiki, Crystal Grids, Smudging, and Aromatherapy may be used to bless and cleanse your home or office. This clears old energy and makes more space for things like abundance, love, and happiness!


Chakra Healing & Balancing

How might chakra blockages manifest in a person's life or physical body?

1st: Root Chakra Blocked
Overly fearful about security and survival, ungrounded, flighty, fearful, feeling of not belonging anywhere, weak constitution; or overly practical, lacking dreams and imagination, plodding, habitual, tied down, difficulty letting go; fear; problems with bones, feet, legs, colon, elimination, weight. 

2nd: Sacral Chakra Blocked
Emotionally cold, low-energy, low libido, difficulty changing, difficulty experiencing joy, holds back; or hyper-emotional, overly sexual, overly focused on physical pleasure; guilt; problems with reproductive and urinary systems. 

3rd: Solar plex Chakra Blocked
Lack of confidence, difficulty manifesting desires, lack of self-esteem; or misuse of power, dominance, over-reliance on will (potentially leading to physical exhaustion); shame; problems with digestion, hypertension, fatigue, adrenals; diabetes, allergies. 

4th: Heart Chakra Blocked
Forth chakra blockage is especially significant because it is in the middle, uniting the upper and lower chakras. Among other things, blockage can manifest as loneliness, lack of emotional fulfillment and difficulty accepting or giving love, lack of compassion; or as unhealthy relationships, "loving too much," love manifesting at a low vibration, or a lack of sense of connection to the divine or to nature; unresolved sorrow; problems with heart or lungs; asthma.

5th: Throat Chakra Blocked
Inability to communicate ideas, problems with self-expression (expression of own truth), problems with creativity; or uncontrolled, low-value, inconsistent communication, manipulative, deceptive of self or others; problems with neck, shoulders, thyroid. 

6th: 3rd Eye Chakra Blocked
Lack of imagination, lack of vision, lack of concentration, blocked or clouded intuition, can't see "big picture"; or distorted vision, delusional, distorted imagination, misuse of intuition; or overly reliant on logic and intellect; problems with vision, headaches, nightmares.

7th: Crown Chakra Blocked
 Un-grounded, impractical, indecisive, difficulty with finishing things, no common sense, depressed, alienated, confused; or cut off from spirituality, plagued by sense of meaninglessness; or delusional, grandiose; problems with brain, cognition, mental illness. 

To learn more about Chakra rejuvenation and it may help you please free to contact me with any questions.




*An Intuitive Healing Session ls One Of the Most Popular Types Of Sessions Clients Try Especially For Their First Time.*

Intuitive Healing Sessions are a unique combination of channeled intuitive (psychic) guidance, quantum energy healing and practical spiritual coaching. You can ask questions about any aspect of your life - from health, to relationships, to life transitions, to career - no topics are off limits to Source Consciousness! These sessions are multidimensional, dynamic and co-creative! I work with your past-parallel lives, your Higher Self/Soul and our combined Spirit Guide Team to not only bring you CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about your life but to ALSO EMPOWER YOU to trust your own intuition. What makes these sessions even more dynamic is that I bring through energy healing to assist you in removing energetic blocks so you can actually TAKE those next aligned steps based on the guidance you receive.