About Myself

I always knew I was different. 

I was born with this intuitive psychic ability to read a person’s own energy & there spiritual vibration. 

I was seven years old when my first glimpse came to me. Even since then, everyone that I came across in life  was taken aback by my natural ability to get a glimpse of the future, and sense a feeling someone around me was about to experience good or bad. 

As I grew up,my abilities and insight grew even stronger.  As you can imagine, this was not looked apon as it is in today’s world. 

 I grew very intrigued & passionate about my ability & wanted to share it with people, To be able to tell others what to look forward to & what to avoid. 

I have  completed Berkley Psychic Institute to enhance my ability to the future With over 15 years experience in helping people from all over get real answers & spiritual guidance they are deeply looking for

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